What is Refined Linseed Oil and are there other oils and types that can be used for maintaining outdoor hardwood patio furniture?

Linseed oil, also called flaxseed oil, is known as one of the best hardwood oils for outdoor furniture. There are many linseed oil variations on the market: refined, boiled, and raw. We recommend using refined oil as it has a faster drying time than natural oil and is safer to use in all climates than boiled linseed oil. However, boiled linseed oil is similar and can be used; though, it might require more applications during the summer months. Please read the directions on your packaging carefully. We do not suggest using raw oil as it has a very long drying time, and most require you to mix with mineral spirits. We package and sell our brand of Danish refined linseed oil. It can be purchased on its own or as part of the Outdoor Interiors Maintenance Kit. Like linseed oil, Teak oil works wonders on many types of outdoor hardwood. If you treat unstained teak, always test an inconspicuous area as most linseed and teak oils will darken natural unstained teak. Caution: Always dispose of hardware oil-soaked rags carefully and in a safe container due to fire concerns.