Care & Maintenance

When you make a significant investment in quality wood products, you expect them to last. Caring for your Hardwood Outdoor Furniture and Décor products should become part of a regular routine, like washing and caring for your car to provide years of lasting enjoyment.

The first step to your outdoor Furniture and Décor Care Program is identifying how much exposure to the elements your outdoor wood furniture and décor items will receive. The amount of maintenance that is required depends on location. Patio Furniture that is under cover requires much less cleaning and maintenance versus products in partial or direct sunlight or under trees that may cause significant dirt and debris. See additional Care & Maintenance details below by Product Category.

All hardwood is a living, natural fiber. In time, changes occur with hairlines in the grain and lightening. While these are normal outdoor hardwood characteristics attributed primarily to weather, you may want to maintain your furniture for a “like new” appearance. If left untreated, our stained finish on the Brazilian eucalyptus furniture will begin to fade and dry out. To maintain and protect the stained color and finish of your hardwood furniture, we recommend our Outdoor Interiors Refined Linseed Oil to be used at least 2 times in the spring/summer sunny seasons. All new furniture should be oiled prior to use. The number of applications vary depending on direct sunlight, temperature and dry climate versus more humid regions. Your furniture will provide tell-tale signs along the way, so “Please Oil” accordingly. Many items can be oiled in actual work time under 20 minutes with light cleaning first. Do not apply any furniture oil in direct sunlight. Apply oil generously and wipe away excess oil with a dry cloth approximately 1 hour after application. CAUTIONS:  Using Linseed oil on natural unstained teak will create a much darker appearance initially before being placed in direct sunlight or outdoors for at least a 30 day period.  Always test a small area under the furniture before finishing any piece or set with any oils, sealants or finishes.  Caution:  Always dispose of hardware oil soaked rags carefully and in a safe container due to fire concerns.
If your Teak Furniture becomes soiled, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth only for cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning products.  Solid Teak should be oiled at least two times per year to maintain the golden teak color and to preserve hardwood integrity for many years. Use name brand teak or hardwood oils for outdoor use.  Note that many Linseed Oils and other oils will darken natural teak.  Always test a small inconspicuous to ensure compatibility and for color purposes. If Grey Patina is desired, there are preservatives available in the marketplace that will help you maintain this look and will help to protect and maintain this desired look.  Furniture covers are always a smart investment when out of season and to help protect your furniture for many years of enjoyment.
Hardwood oils will not harm wicker or sling material, however, it should be wiped immediately after any oiling projects.  If wicker or sling becomes soiled or dirty, use water, soft cloths and brushes with mild detergents for cleaning.
You can use many different oils for conditioning and preserving your outdoor furniture.  We recommend a refined linseed oil like what we manufacture in Vietnam with a premium danish based hardwood oil that we import and manage with our Vietnamese factory.  It’s also great for indoor furniture.  Boiled linseed is similar to refined and can be used but many of these off the shelf products available at hardware stores require more applications during summer months, and always use care in disposing oil soaked rags.  Raw linseed in not recommended since many versions or brands require you to blend with mineral spirits and simply too messy and not good for many stained hardwoods.  Tung Oil is a wonderful product for indoor furniture but not a good option for outdoor use primarily when in direct sunlight or dryer climates.  Finally, many teak oils are good to use on outdoor patio furniture no matter what species of hardwood.  Most linseed and teak oils will darken natural unstained teak.  Always test hardwood oils prior to applications to determine if the color will change to your liking since many oils will darken hardwood especially natural untreated teak.  See additional tips and instructions by visiting our Care & Maintenance section.
Stone sealant should be applied once a year to protect the grout and natural stone from the elements. If stone and grout becomes soiled, use a mild detergent with water and a soft cloth / soft brush for cleaning only. Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Avoid cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, abrasives, or other hazardous/polluting compounds. Always test in small inconspicuous area while using a new cleaner to ensure compatibility.
We take for granted the care & reasonable use of outdoor fabrics (regardless of type; spun polyester, olefin or sunbrella branded materials). While outdoor fabrics are intended to be used outside, they still require reasonable care and storage when not in use. If most fabrics become soiled, then use a mild detergent and a soft cleaning brush and/or cloth. Refer to the sewn in tag on each pillow or cushion for additional instructions. We also recommend using 303 Fabric Protectants for their sun blocking technology keeping all outdoor fabrics looking like new and lasting longer.
To clean and/or revive the appearance of your torch, polish gently with a soft dry cloth. The wick should extend no more than 1/4 inch and you should allow five minutes for the wick to soak in the oil before lighting. Please watch our instructional Video for additional care, use and cautions.