Large Pyramid Oil Torch in Green, 2pk.

Product No: 50300AST-GR

The Outdoor Interiors 2pk (Green Finish) 42″H x 10″W Pyramid Oil Torches in brilliant lacquer glazed weatherproof zinc provides style and real flames for any outdoor setting.

Each Torch includes our 10 oz. safety threaded aluminum oil reservoir recessed into the top of each torch and an extra long, all-natural safe cotton (instead of dangerous fiberglass) wick. Simply add Tiki brand citronella oil or outdoor torch fuel to the canister and 5-10 lbs. of stone or sand to the bottom of the torches to weigh them down for safety. The bright and durable finish will provide years of ambience and enjoyment!

10″ x 10″ x 42″H
Care & Maintenance
To clean and/or revive the appearance of your torch, polish gently with a soft dry cloth.

The wick should extend no more than 1/4 inch and you should allow five minutes for the wick to soak in the oil before lighting.